The digital space has become increasingly more crowded, while the attention span of users is a matter of mere seconds before they're on to the next thing. The brands who will succeed and thrive over the next few years will be the ones who are able to tell a good story and rise above the noisy and crowded online spaces with interesting, inspiring and helpful content.


93- Year Old Ernie Andrus

In Feb. 2017, I had the honor of meeting, interviewing and telling the story of 93-year-old, WWII Veteran and Ragnar runner, Ernie Andrus during Reebok Ragnar Del Sol. The photo-journlism stories about his journey and advice to others were the most liked, shared and commented on social post in the history of Ragnar. We also created a mini-documentary and supported the story with blog posts, social content and a #GoErnie hashtag.

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“I’ve always been an optimist.” - Ernie Andrus


Orlin Brommer and The Flag Memorial

Fallen but never forgotten. Orlin Brommer sets up 156 flags that adorn 400 meters in Cochrane, Wisconsin, during Leg 3 of Reebok Ragnar Great River. These flags have been placed in memory of Wisconsin's fallen heroes who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. He sets the flags up for holidays and also includes Ragnar. I had the honor of meeting Orlin, and telling the story behind the flags which helps us remember the sacrifices others have made for our freedom. This story also helped show Ragnar is not only about the runners, but also the communities we go through.

“Besides watching my children be born, this is the most humbling thing I’ve ever been a part of.” - Orlin Brommer


Ragnar's Captain's Tool Kit

Using our buyer persona models, I developed a tool kit for the  decision makers of a Ragnar team: the team Captain. The content was created to aid their journey towards purchase and create a better experience leading up to race day. The tool kit includes; The Ultimate Guide to Being a Ragnar Captain eBook, The Captain's Checklist, How to Create a Budget for a Ragnar, Tips for new Captains, an organizational spreadsheet and a packing list (including key products from Ragnar's partners). 

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Brand Video Marketing

I have developed more than 50 video concepts during my tenure to increase brand awareness, launch new races, explain what Ragnar is, show the experience, engage our audience, make people laugh and highlight runner's amazing accomplishments, again and again