Campaigns are the building blocks to a successful marketing strategy. Start with goals. Know your audience. Build smart creative. Test. Measure. Repeat. 


The 30-Day Challenge

Legacy campaign to inspire runners to create fitness goals with Ragnar in the New Year. The first challenge was in 2015, and has grown to more than 8,000 participants in 2017. The concept is simple: do something active for 30 days straight – yoga, running, CrossFit, hiking, skiing – it doesn’t matter as long as you move. The campaign provides opportunity to engage with fan base on one to one basis, include Ragnar partners in a relevant way, and ultimately increase sales.



Hashtag campaign created to support the multi-tool and spork finisher medal for the Ragnar Trail series. Hashtag has gained more than 3,000 photos showing how runners use their medal in daily life.

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It's Time To Play at Ragnar 

Lead generation campaign in partnership with REI and Salomon. Ragnar acquired more than 8,000 emails, in addition to new team sales directly attributed to the campaign.  


The 7 Summits Challenge

A 7-day elevation challenge coupled with an inspiring cause. This virtual event included registration fee, guided mobile web experience with Strava integration, a finisher tee-shirt and medal. A portion of the proceeds benefitted the Himalayan Cataract Project.


Find Your Inner Wild.

A brand campaign created to increase brand awareness and inspire runners which included a brand video, Instagram contest, video contest and mico-website. The #innerWILD hashtag has more than 25,000 tags on Instagram.


Chase The Moon Challenge

Virtual event created to inspire runners to run under a magical full moon on May 10, 2017. If 1,000 runners run 6.7 miles, collectively we’ll run enough miles to circle our nearest galactic neighbor. Virtual event included a registration fee, finisher tee-shirt and medal. Event sold out in less than two days.