My Golden Rule for Side-Gigs

I had a realization today that I’ve held two jobs working well over 40 hours a week...for the past 7 years. It’s been on and off, but mostly on. And it’s crazy looking back on it.

My side gigs have included; working as a freestyle ski coach, running an outdoor brand’s social media and about 5 months ago I started working with an ad agency to run paid social campaigns for a well known ski brand. 

Sometimes I say “no” to getting together with friends, weekend getaways or work week date nights. And when I had two weeks off between my last job and current job, I took on more freelance hours.

I have learned to follow one simple rule as to when and when not pursue side gig opportunities: if it’s something you would *almost* do for free, it’s most certainly worth pursuing. And I’ve never felt resentment because of that.

I’m finally taking a big vacation with some of money I’ve made freelancing to treat myself. I’m headed to the Canadian rockies for ski mountaineering course in May. Immediately, I reached out to the owner to let I can help him create videos and do social media posts during that week, and he agreed to a bit of trade!

I thought to myself, maybe this is one week where I should “give work a break.” But then I remembered my rule.