Fall Line Digital was created with passion and purpose. 

Founded in 2016 by Rebecca Babicz, Fall Line Digital (formerly Bebabz Creative), was created to help brands reach their greatest potential by tapping into the power of digital marketing. As a writer, photographer and self-proclaimed data analytics dork, Rebecca realized her unique skill set could help companies all while fulfilling her dream of owning her own business and inspiring creativity. 

With 10+ years of professional experience in content and digital marketing some Rebecca's highlights include;

- Published writer for two major newspapers (The Reno Gazette-Journal and The Salt Lake Tribune), various online blogs, magazines and ebooks. 

- Manager of social media and content for renowned brands including Ragnar Relay Series, Terramar Sports, SEO.com and Action Village. 

- Savvy, creative and data-driven digital marketer with a wide skill sets including SEO, PPC, email, retargeting, paid social, copywriting, photography and brand marketing. 

Here's where it all started; 

The First Chapter in a Long Career of Storytelling

Rebecca's knack for storytelling goes back to her first job after college at the Reno Gazette-Journal. Those early days in journalism set her up for more success than she could have ever realized at the time. Walking up to random strangers asking them for an interview? Seeing a story in a different way even though you’ve already covered the 10th high school boys soccer game of the year? Storytelling is about finding perspective and being able to understand the silver lining.  It’s important to know a good story when you see one, but equally important to take something that otherwise might be mundane and make it interesting. 

Storytelling meets the nerdy world of Search Engine Optimization

After Rebecca's reporting days, she dove into the exciting, and slightly nerdy world of Search Engine Optimization at SEO.com. Although it sounds like it, SEO isn’t rocket science. The SEO industry has changed, and changed again, but one thing remains true and tried; strong content trumps all. Throw in a dash of keyword research, a speckle of on-site optimization, and healthy amounts of backlinks and viola! This is SEO, and the backbone to any successful website strategy. 

Building a Brand Worth Following

For nearly 5 years, Rebecca worked for the overnight running relay series company and global phenomenon dubbed Ragnar. Despite popular belief Ragnar is not a sticker company. During her tenure, the race series doubled, than tripled, then went international, sales increased and the company grew. The story Ragnar told was one of connection; the connection the runners had with nature, the connection they had with each other, and ultimately the connection they had with something much greater than themselves. As the Sr. Brand Manager, Rebecca's responsibilities included developing social, content and digital strategies to promote awareness and growth. She helped change Ragnar from a two-day running event into a full-fledged lifestyle brand followed by a tribe of die-hard evangelists. 

The Story Continues: Fall Line Digital, LLC

As a full time digital marketing consultant, Rebecca has been lucky to take her expertise in social media, content and digital marketing and apply it a variety of brands. Her approach to marketing is simple, think big and wild, but use data to check your gut. Partner with Fall Line Digital, and see how digital marketing can work for you.